Parallel Shaft Reduction Gear Boxes of  required capacity and ratio. Spares of  “any make” of such arrangement of Gear Boxes.


Gear Couplings with Pilot   or finished  Bore



1. Horizontal foot mounting worm arrangement Gear Boxes
2.  Spares for ‘Elecon’,  ‘Radicon’, ‘Shanti’,  ‘Allenberry’ or any other make (Even  imported)
3. Vertical type Gear Boxes and Spares

Universal mounting worm and wheel type Reduction Gear Boxes up to 8” center and reduction ratio from 5:1 to 70:1


Concentric Shaft Helical Gear Reduction Gear Boxes. Motorised Helical Gear Reduction Gear Boxes and it’s spares of any make.




Timing Pullies for any series of Timing Belts out of any specified material.



Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Multi Row Roller chain sprockets ranging from ¼” to 3” pitch and up to 2000mm. dia.